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June Muriel Brown was born in Suffolk, England on February 16th, 1927. She had four siblings, including two who died in childhood. Her family was evacuated to Pontyates, Wales in World War II, where she went on to serve in the Women's Royal Naval Service. After her service, she attended the Bristol Old Vic Theatre school in Clifton, which was opened by Laurence Olivier. It was there that she was classically trained in acting.

Her first husband, whom she married when she was 23, was an actor named John Garley. Garley committed suicide in 1957. Brown was left a young widow. She didn't grieve long. In 1958, she married another actor named Robert Arnold. They had six children, five girls and one boy. One of the girls, Chloe, died in infancy after being born premature. The couple named another daughter Chloe, and she suffered from paralysis early in life. According to June, she prayed hard enough that the girl's condition was healed. In 2003, after forty-five years of marriage to Brown, Garley passed away after a battle with Lewy Body dementia. 

Brown acted on-screen for the first time in 1952, with an uncredited role in "It Started in Paradise." She starred in a made-for-TV movie named "Gentle to Nora." Brown had her television debut with a spot on the popular British soap opera "Coronation Street" in 1970. She then had guest-starring roles on several popular British shows, including "Doctor Who." 

In 1985, Brown started on the British soap opera "EastEnders" on a recommendation by Leslie Grantham. Her character, Dot, was originally intended to be a small part, but was developed into a full-time character upon a very positive reaction by the viewing audience. She remained on the show from 1985 until 1993, and then returned in 1997 until she decided to take a six-month break in 2012. She plans to write her auto-biography during her break, and is not sure if she will return to "Eastenders." 

Brown is a big fan of theater, and has been involved with many different productions, both acting and directing. She directed plays including Pin Money and Double D, and has acted in plays including "An Inspector Calls," "A View from the Bridge," "The Lion in Winter," "Calendar Girls," "Hedda Gabler," and "Hamlet."

Across her career, Brown has won several different awards, including the TV Quick Award, multiple Inside Soap Awards, and multiple British Soap Awards (including the Lifetime Achievement Award). She is wildly praised and envied for her long, successful acting career. There are not many British soap stars who are better-known than June Brown.

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