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Actresses who have Shaved their Head

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Most actors and actresses want to get inside the role they are playing and for many this means taking on the physical characteristics of whoever they are playing. This can mean putting on weight, losing weight, changing their hairstyle or the ultimate sacrifice for an actress shaving her hair off completely. There are a number of actresses that have shaved their heads for a role and this is a list of a few of them.

Natalie Portman

Portman shaved her head for her role in the movie V for Vendetta. She played the role of Evey who is rescued by a shadowy freedom fighter named V who is the only man standing up against a corrupt, repressive government. She goes on to become his ally and help him in his fight and the movie was based on comic books of the same name. Portman’s character goes from having long hair to shaven headed during the course of the action.

Sigourney Weaver

Weaver has played Ellen Ripley in a number of the Alien movies and always manages to come out ahead in her fight against them. In the third movie Ripley’s spacecraft crashes on a prison planet and unfortunately an alien stowaway arrives with her and starts killing off the inhabitants in the usual manner. The world she arrives in is a dirty place and so Ripley shaves her head to try and keep clean. This gave Ripley a more butch look in this movie as Weaver shaved her head while playing the role.

Persis Khambatta

Indian actress Khambatta went the whole way when she played Lt. Ilia in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She did not just shave her head but went completely bald for the movie in which she played a “Deltan” character who is a navigator on the famous USS Enterprise. Unfortunately the character was killed in the course of the movie and so the bald head never made a reappearance in the Star Trek franchise.

Demi Moore

Moore has starred in many movies and has been seen with long and short hairstyles in these. However she went further for her role as G.I. Jane in the movie of the same name when she shaved her head. The movie has Moore as a trainee trying to join the Navy Seals where shaved heads are not uncommon, so it was no surprise to see.

Ling Bai

Ling Bai is a Chinese actress who shaved her head when she played a role in Anna and the King. This movie retells the story of Anna Leonowens who was a western teacher who went to Thailand to teach the children of the King. Bai played the role of Tuptim who is a Burmese girl who is given to the King as a present and is to become one of his wives.

There are also a number of other women who have shaved their head to play a role in a movie and these include Cate Blanchett in Heaven, Toni Colette in 8 ½ Women and Robin Tunney in Empire Records. Most have managed to look pretty good with the shaved head style, although none of them have gone on to retain the look on completion of the movie. Most women would run a mile at the thought of shaving their hair off but the actresses above have all done it in the name of entertainment.

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