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Best Classic Rock Songs to Listen to while Traveling

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"Best Classic Rock Songs to Listen to while Traveling"
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How does classic rock music brighten up your travels?

Picture this. You're in your car cruising the highway on the way to your vacation destination with all your luggages jam-packed and nearly bursting out of the car. You're wearing your stylish sunglasses while smoothly maneuvering the road with the wind blowing through your gelled locks. Everything is almost perfect. Then, you slap on your music playlist, and you are on the "stairway to heaven". Adding the proper kind of music, like classic rock, to your travel ride is the best way to fully enjoy your trip, while warming up the old vocal chords and looking wicked cool doing it.

Life is a Highway
Rascal Flatts

If you are going to ride that highway "all night long", add this Rascal Flatt 'diddy' to your music playlist to put you in the right traveling mood. Nothing beats a little guitar and sweet tunes to set you on your way.

Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin

No traveler is equipped for the long travels without "taking the led out". This Led Zeppelin song is filled with guitar scorching, eye-popping, perfect pitched singing, and ultimate rock and rolling perfection, bringing to the road great rock music.

Another Brick in the Wall
Pink Floyd

Not only can Pink Floyd put together a great sound, they can also rock any traveler's socks off. Another Brick in the Wall part 1, 2, 3 are great music selections for the wary rebellious traveler and is a great way to sing your heart out for the world to hear.

More than a Feeling

Not just more than any feeling, Boston will capture your deepest amorous emotions and set you on a loving traveling path, belting out those face-melting vocals like it's your job. You will find your destination will be closer than you think.

Welcome to the Jungle
Guns 'n' Roses

Of course, for those traveling to the more wild parts of the world, Guns 'n' Roses will bring out the crazy jungle animal in you, taking you to the brink of adventure as you cruise through exciting greenery and possibly some interesting creatures too.

Magic Carpet Ride

Always a crowd pleaser with its ripping guitar solos and catchy music, Steppenwolf is sure to please the rocker traveler in anyone, bringing you on a "magic carpet ride" through the valleys and hills of time.

Knights of Cydonia

What car ride would be complete without the workings of Muse, the ever so ethereal angels of Rock. Feel like the badass that you are, cranking up the music and screaming up to the heavens that "no one's gonna take you alive".

Don't Stop Believing

Of course, what playlist is complete without one of the greatest rock classics made by the ever so talented Journey. If you feel that your road travel destination is just too far out of reach, switch to Journey and just "don't stop believin' and hold on to that feelin'". When you finally arrive, not only will you shout and dance with joy, you will feel inspired....for the rest of your life.

Rock on!

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