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David Lyons
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One of the biggest surprises of the last 12 months has been the rise of Australian actor David Lyons in the United States. Lyons began to make a name for himself in the hit series "Revolution" before taking on the dramatic role of playing a disturbed police officer in the latest Nicholas Sparks’ romance to hit the big screen, "Safe Haven." So who is this star on a mediocre rise?

Well, Lyons hails from Melbourne, Australia, and is one of the gifted actors that graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2004, and it wasn’t long before Australian cinema and television fans were beginning to learn who this talented actor was.

After appearances in short films like "The Watch" and "Elemenopee," Lyons soon landed a recurring role in one of Australia’s highest-rating television shows, the police drama "Blue Heelers." Not long after this appearance, he landed a leading role in another top-rated drama, this time playing leading seaman Josh "E.T." Holiday in "Sea Patrol." The naval drama quickly found an audience in Australia and soon audiences had warmed to Lyons as much as they had lead actors Lisa McCune and Ian Stenlake. Most of the interest in his character centered around the romance developing with Lt. Nikki Caetano (Saskia Burmeister) as he was soon being considered one of Australia’s top romantic leads.

Eager to spread his wings, Lyons branched out and acted in the violent slasher horror film "Storm Warning" and crime noir film "Cactus." Australian television fans were then saddened when Lyons left "Sea Patrol," but the actor had decided it was time to head overseas when he landed a role in the hit medical drama "ER." The role was supposed to be a guest appearance, but he soon became a full-time cast member.

Lyons then divided his time between Australia and the United States. In the States he acted in television shows like "The Cape" and appeared alongside Julia Roberts in the popular "Eat Pray Love," while in Australia he made crime television movie "A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne" before returning to the film noir film genre with "Swerve" and then taking on a role in the cricket comedy "Save Your Legs."

At the same time Lyons was making an even bigger name for himself in America with the role of Sebastian "Bass" Monroe in "Revolution" and found critical acclaim in "Safe Haven" playing unhinged Detective Tierney.

Lyons is set to return to the big screen soon with Nick Nolte and Kate Beckinsale in "The Trials of Cate McCall." It seems Lyons is the latest young actor to join the Aussie revolution in Hollywood.

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