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David Soul where is he now

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David Soul is probably best known for portraying Detective Sgt. Ken Hutchinson for four seasons on TV's Starsky & Hutch. Along with co-star Paul Michael Glaser as Starsky, the duo set the pace for the rest of the "buddy cop" shows to follow. The unique chemistry between Soul and Glaser rocketed the show to the top of the ratings and has still not lost its legions of fans.

But Soul's talent extends much further than one TV show. David is a multi talented performer and perhaps one of the most underrated. Throughout his career, he has played a wide variety of characters ranging from the good guy cop to a rapist, and he is equally convincing in all of his roles.

David started as a musician singing folk songs. In 1967 he appeared on the Merv Griffin Show as "The Covered Man". He wore a ski mask on stage when he sang, stating he wanted to be known for his music. During this time, he wore the mask everywhere, ever revealing his identity. He also recorded the single "Covered Man" and "This Train" and then went on to co-star in the tv series "Here Come the Brides". During the early 1970's David had a role in the Clint Eastwood movie "Magnum Force". He was spotted by a tv producer who was looking to cast the role as Hutch in Starsky and Hutch and then read with Paul Michael Glaser during the audition for "Starsky". The two became fast friends and have remained close friends.

David went on to record several albums and had a string of number one hits in the US as well as the U.K.. He was also offered a professional baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox during his college years, but decided to pass on it and went on to pursue his music. He is also an expert skier and during the movie Swan Song, did some of the skiing in the film.

In the 1990's David took a job in England and what was to be a temporary situation, turned out to be a permanent one. In 2004 David became a U.K. citizen, but is still an American citizen and has not broken ties with America. David has been married four times and is the father of six children. Two of the children are from a previous marriage to Patti Sherman who was married to Soul's "Here Come the Brides" co-star Bobby Sherman. All except one child still reside in the US, as does the rest of his family. David can be seen performing in live theater and a lot of other various TV and movie roles in England and throughout Europe these days. Most recently in London's West End he portrayed Mack Sennett in the play "Mack and Mabel" co-starring with Janie Dee as Mabel Normand. David also has an autobiography due out sometime soon. He still has a very strong fan base and rumor has it we might be seeing new music from him one of these days - stay tuned!

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