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Evelyn Lozada Nude Pics Leaked why the Basketball Wives Star may be behind her own Scandal

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"Evelyn Lozada Nude Pics Leaked why the Basketball Wives Star may be behind her own Scandal"
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Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives” is the latest “celebrity” to have some nude photos leaked on the web. The big question is why anyone really cares? Hasn’t pretty much everyone already seen all of her they want to? Hey, she is a good looking woman, she has a nice body, she obviously digs having random strangers checking it out, but so what?

Evelyn Lozada for anyone unfamiliar with her was engaged to NBA flop and current broke dude Antoine Walker. When the money ran out, so did she - or so they say. She has maintained she had nothing to do with Antoine blowing through the $110 million he earned in the NBA, but usually the woman sleeping with a guy that does that played at least a teensie tiny role.

Lozada now describes herself as not only a fashionista, but a fashion trendsetter as well as the owner of an upscale Coral Gables, Florida, shoe boutique. That all sounds good except nobody knew or cared about who she was until she appeared on “Basketball Wives”, so it raises the question of just what fashion trend she started, and who was following it?

Now that there is some idea of the type of woman being dealt with, what is the big deal about her pictures? So you can see she has breasts that might be described as generous scoops of flesh that defy gravity. You can see that her makeup artist does a really good job. You can see she is in love with her booty. And that is newsworthy because…?

The first thing about the photo leak is that these are pictures she knew were being taken at the time - she posed for them. She is the one stupid enough to send them out in the first place so how much of a beef about them getting out can she legitimately have? It seems like this was another desperate grab for attention to more than one person. The one thing that has been about Lozada is that no matter what she has, she wants more.

She had a decent baby daddy, but traded up. She has what is really just an overpriced shoe store, Dulce, but she upped it by calling it a boutique. She has a role on “Basketball Wives” but rather that just accept being part of the cast, she has to find a way to up it. More, more, more…me, me, me… Not content with her 15 seconds of fame, she wants her fifteen minutes. And her co-stars fifteen minutes. Maybe even your 15 minutes.

So when the photos hit YBF.com and Lozada went through the shocked stage, to the upset stage, to the angry stage - at lightning speed no less - how could anyone take her seriously? In fact she went through all of those stages to the needing to do interviews to talk about it stage even faster.

Lozada’s topless, she has a nice body, and if you want to see it the photos are everywhere. Take a look, they aren’t all that bad. Just don’t fall into the trap that this is some sort of scandal in which someone wronged her. You pose for naked pictures and email them around you’re asking for a leak. In fact you should expect they are leaked. For everything that Lozada may or may not be, she is bright enough to know that and don’t doubt for a second that was her intention.

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