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Johnny Galecki at Comic Con 2008

Fun Facts and Trivia about Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki at Comic Con 2008
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"Fun Facts and Trivia about Johnny Galecki"
Caption: Johnny Galecki at Comic Con 2008
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Johnny Galecki is now most famously known for his portrayal of Leonard Hofstadter on Big Bang Theory. Before that he was known for being David Healy in Roseanne.  Galecki has been gracing TV screens in hilarious sitcoms since 1992. But he is not an ordinary actor; there are many things about him that may surprise casual fans.

Personal and home life

Galecki was not born in the United States; he was born in Bree, Belgium, because his father was stationed there as part of the United States Air Force. However, he did not grow up in Belgium—which explains the lack of an accent. Galecki grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. When he was growing up, his parents refused to allow him to pierce his ear at the age of 10. He already was a little rebellious, because he went ahead and did it with a safety pin and an ice cube.

Galecki is a pescetarian; a pescetarian is a vegetarian who does not abstain from eating fish and seafood. Even though he cares about not eating meat; he is not too health conscious. He smokes cigarettes; Parliament Light brand are his favorite. He also owns a log cabin. His log cabin is located in Santa Margarita, California where he owns 360 acres of land. Santa Margarita is located in wine country.

Acting and career

Galecki made his acting debut in 1987. He was in a miniseries on CBS called Murder Ordained. He played David on Roseanne for 5 years. David was often seen sketching or with completed sketches. Galecki actually enjoys drawing and doodling himself, and he composed most—if not all—the drawing that David did on Roseanne.

Even though Galecki is popular for starring in sitcoms, he has actually been in many other films and TV shows. He was in Vanilla Sky (starring Tom Cruise), and he has been in Entourage 3 times as himself.

Galecki is now more known for playing Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. Leonard Hofstadter is an experimental physicist with an IQ of 173. He lives with a even more awkward and socially awkward roommate named Sheldon—who is played by Jim Parsons. Kaley Cuoco revealed in CBS’s Watch! Magazine that she and Galecki secretly dated for two years. The two were about to keep it a secret, and Cuoco only reveled this information after the breakup. Galecki does not actually use glasses. When taping The Big Bang Theory his glasses rarely contain the lenses.

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