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Celebrities are always one of the hottest things in the news every day, from our regular news broadcasts as well as entertainment shows such as 'Entertainment Tonight', 'Extra', and 'The Insider', all of which talk about our favorite people that we like to watch on the big screen and what has been happening in their lives.
The next question is: what do we normally see on these broadcasts? Answer: The brighter side of their lives, with them dressed in their gowns or tuxedos, attending such events such as the Oscars, The Grammys, the People's Choice Awards and so on. We only see what is on the surface, and that is what is pleasing to the eyes. We would hate to think that our favorite celebrities would ever do anything wrong, which allows this constant illusion to exist. But, if they were to do anything wrong, does the criminal system actually punish them in the same way as they would the normal average person? From what I have observed, I would have to say not.
The reality of the situation is that for most of the time, sentencing is light, from anything to anger management classes to drug rehab. The worst extreme I have ever seen, initially, was, of course, Martha Stewart from when she was arraigned on charges of insider trading. The most this woman received was five months in a minimum security prison and then five years of house arrest. Did her life become affected by this tragedy? It did not, and she is still making money with her brand at K-Mart, as well as hosting her shows and writing her books, which still bring her in a pretty penny. Example 2: Actor Rip Torn (*MIB,Down Periscope) was arrested last year for public intoxication, where he actually assaulted police officers and shouted at them all the way to the station house. What was his sentence? Paying a fine and then five years probation.
Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, Rob Lowe, Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson. All of these celebrities have met with the criminal court system (*some of them even twice)and they have always managed to find some way of escaping prison time. Should this say something about our system of criminal justice? If celebrities are allowed to simply pay fines to extend their freedom, why is this not being extended to the common man? Is it simply because of the fact that they are well-compensated thespians that please the American public? Is it because they have high-paid lawyers that can win any argument against the best district attorneys?
In my opinion, I think that it may simply be that the court system does not want to make the time to deal with these grotesque mistakes that many celebrities so often make. It causes scandals and news coverage and publicity, which unfortunately is what makes today's society. Perhaps a pledge should be made from the judicial system to show the American public that they can be fair in their practices, and show us that they will always give a fair ruling.
But, the reals sadness to me is that I know that this will take a lot of doing, as celebrity is what makes Hollywood so rich.

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