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How to Live without Cable or Satellite and still get your TV Fix

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"How to Live without Cable or Satellite and still get your TV Fix"
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Remember the days where you would sit with your family, in front of the television set. You were all a united front as you sat on the floor, snacking on popcorn and potato chips. There was a comfort of being with the ones you loved, and it was a time where you could actually be a family.

Fast forward, to the year of 2007. It's a year where cable TV and satellite reins supreme over the broadcasting airwaves. Not only does Cable and satellite offer some of the best TV shows, but it gives you such a wide range of programs to choose from. It's surely a sign of the times, where everything is advancing for the better. Yet, you still have to wonder if it's really for the better. Are cable and satellite shows the best entertainment for our families, and how can we live without cable or satellite when it's such a prevalent part of our lives.

Back in the olden days a family could watch a TV show without having to worry about its content. Think back to the days where shows such as "Happy Days, Life goes on, and Family matters were the shows to watch. As parent you didn't have to worry about foul language, or the mature subject matter. It's definitely something you have to worry about now if you have small kids living with you.

The times have definitely changed, and as we can tell cable and satellite isn't all it's cracked up to be. As I mentioned earlier there's a constant rise in cable and satellite prices. The one thing that I hate about it is that your bill is never the same price. Did you ever notice that? There's also the problem of wiring, and waiting for the service tech guy to come over whenever your cable's out.

Then there's the satellite. Don't you just love when it rains, and suddenly your satellite reception's out until the storm passes? Then there's the problem of ordering another disk whenever you move into another location, as if moving wasn't stressful enough.

I would say that the cable and satellite industry isn't making things any easier for its consumers. In fact I think that the world would be a better place if things were as they were in the beginning. I think that we should get back to the days of watching TV as a family.

However you might wonder how can I get my TV fix without cable or satellite, and at the present time regular TV? Well thanks to such establishments like Netflix, and Blockbuster, you can now get the movies and shows you like delivered right to your door. What I normally do is get the family together and we all choose the movies that we can watch as a family. Every night is a family night, and the best part is that we can choose what will be on our TV. So tonight I'll sit with my family with a bag of popcorn, and relish in the fact that I'm actually watching TV together, and no one's fighting over the remote control.

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