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Keith Urban Top 10 Songs

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Top 10 Keith Urban Songs

Perhaps one of the most talented singers of all times, Keith Urban comes along and takes you on a ride through emotionally strong ballads and gut wrenching love songs. No other singer plays a woman’s heart strings like Keith Urban. While all of his songs are great, he has a few that stand out more than any of his other songs.

1. Somebody Like You

In the song ‘Somebody like you’, Keith Urban tells you that he wants to love somebody like you. He is telling you that he not only wants to love someone that is like you, but he wants to be able to love like you. He is saying that you really know how to love someone, and he wishes that he could love like you do.

2. Stupid Boy

This song ‘Stupid Boy’ is where a beautiful woman fell in love with a man who ruined her life and broke her down and now she is gone. You soon find out during the song that Keith is that stupid boy, who destroyed the one he loved because he was stupid.

3. Tonight I Wanna Cry

The song ‘Tonight I Wanna Cry’ Keith Urban gets your attention and makes you want to cry when he says he wants to cry when the person he loves walks out of his life. He shows that he is strong enough to cry and drunk enough not to care that he is crying.

4. Once In a Lifetime

In this song ‘Once in a Lifetime’ he is telling the person he is in love with that this relationship is a once in a lifetime love. He is opening himself up to the woman that he wants so she can understand just how much he believes in the two of them together.

5. I Told You So

In the song ‘I told you so’ Keith is explaining to his girl, that even though she thought the relationship was better without him, it isn’t and he told her it would not be.

6. Who Wouldn’t Want to be Me

Keith is winning in this song, as he explains that even though he doesn’t have a bunch of money and he is not perfect, he is still worthy of envy because he has the girl of his dreams.Besides who wouldn't want to be Keith Urban.

7. You’re My Better Half

‘You’re my better half’ is exactly what it sounds like; Keith is telling his lady love that she is the best part of him.

8. I Can’t Stop Loving You

As his girl is leaving, Keith is telling her that as she walks away, he still can’t stop himself from loving her.

9. The Hard Way

In this song, Keith and his girls have problems and tempers are flaring, but he still loves her and wishes they could get along.

10. But for the Grace of God

While this is the number 10 song, the meaning of ‘But for the Grace of God’ is one of the most heart wrenching songs that Keith Urban sings, and one that touches the very soul of those who hear it. In this song he is showing how others have big problems, but he is happy and has a good life that he feels he would not have ‘But for the Grace of God.’


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