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Kris Kristofferson Feeling Mortal Review World Tour 2013

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"Kris Kristofferson Feeling Mortal Review World Tour 2013"
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Kris Kristofferson is an aging country singer who is widely regarded as one of the last "€œliving legends"€ of a defining era.

Kristofferson, who is 76 years old, still actively tours year in and year out, still actually writes new material and releases new studio albums. In November of 2012, he released the third of his trilogy of albums, "€œFeeling Mortal,"€ which follows in the footsteps of 2009's "€œCloser To The Bone"€ and 2006's "€œThis Old Road'€ . Boasting a flawless aged and weary voice, Kristofferson, who is known as one of the pioneers of "€œoutlaw country'€ alongside his friends and fellow members of "€œThe Highwaymen"€ , Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, is a true living, breathing treasure of the country music genre that has given so much, and is still giving endlessly to this day.  Just what is the secret behind the lasting appeal of Kris Kristofferson?

In reality, there isn'€™t a secret behind his lasting appeal at all, other than his past, and the fact that as far as his writing and performance goes, he is one of the few that has "never lost it"€ . Kris Kristofferson, much like the late Johnny Cash, has accepted his weary, aging voice and instead of retiring, he has used it to his advantage. His latest trilogy of albums were all about that acceptance and progressing on from it. Kristofferson, who as the world can see from his latest release, is feeling very mortal in his old age, and he is using those feelings in his mind to write his music for him, and he has been hugely successful in doing so. 'Closer To The Bone"€ for example talks about Kristofferson'€™s acceptance of aging, how he has done it all and how now, he is able to sit back and settle down and write songs that he feels are more personal and close to his heart. With his latest trilogy of albums, that is exactly what he has done.

Kris Kristofferson is perhaps most known for his iconic songs such as '€œMe and Bobby McGee"€ , "Sunday Morning Coming Down"€ , "€œWhy Me Lord"€ , "€œCasey'€™s Last Ride"€ , "€œThe Bigger The Fool"€ , "€œThe Silver Tongues Devil And I"€  and many more. He is also well known for his songs with his ex-wife, Rita Coolidge.

Over the last half a decade, he has become more well-known for his trilogy of personal, heartfelt albums in his seventh decade of living. Kristofferson has been touting throughout 2012 both on his own and with fellow country veteran, Merle Haggard. In 2012, Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson and Snoop Dogg were also up for an American Country Music award for their collaboration performance of the controversial yet equally entertaining marijuana legalization anthem, "€œRoll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die"€ . His biggest achievement of 2012 is undeniably his flawless new album however, which is definitely one of the best of his illustrious career.

In conclusion, there is no real secret behind the lasting appeal of Kris Kristofferson. He is a legendary singer-songwriter as well as a legendary actor with countless film credits including cult performances in "Blade". His years and years of masterful, iconic songs as a solo artist as well as with The Highwaymen, not to mention, his continued, heartfelt releases since he hit his seventh decade of living are all truly legendary.

Despite his now weary, haggard voice during both his live performances and his studio recordings alike, Kristofferson boasts the same sort of aging success that the likes of Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen do. Like an old wine, they seemingly get better with age and continue to prosper. Kris Kristofferson, much like Nelson, Cohen and Cash, is a rare example of an aging wine that still continues to produce flawless material and awe crowds each and every time he performs. As one of the last surviving legends of country music, Kristofferson will truly appeal to audiences old and new as long as he is alive and kicking.

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