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Linda Blair

Linda Blair Prison Movie

Linda Blair
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Chained Heat (1983) Starring Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, John Vernon, Henry Silva, Stella Stevens, Edy Williams, Kate Vernon, Monique Gabrielle, Marcia Karr, Jennifer Ashley, Louisa Moritz, Sharon Hoffman, Claudia Lowe, Glory Fioramonti, Christina Cardan, Carole Ita White, Nita Talbot, Mae Campbell, Greta Blackburn, Sharon Hughes, Tamara Dobson, Kendal Kaldwell,
Susan Mechsner, Jonna Lee, Charlie Messenger, Robert Miano, Michael Callan.

Directed by Paul Nicholas.

Running time: 99 minutes.

Rating: R (Nudity, Sexuality, Violence, Coarse Language, Drug Use)

"I'll never understand how a nice young girl like that can end up in a place like this!"

The warden (Vernon) of a women's prison is in over his head trying to stem the flow of hard drugs into the institiution. He is fine with drug trafficking there but only when he has the monopoly and the biggest share of the profits. Adding to his woes are the fact that a rival group of dealers, who could only be members of his staff, are cutting into his profit margin and the new inmates aren't as attractive as former sexual slaves he has been entrusted with incarcerating.

His underling Captain Taylor (Stevens) has an arrangement going with gangster Lester (Silva) and inmate Ericka (Danning). They are looking to cut Warden Berman out of the picture. The x-factor is new inmate Carol Henderson (Blair) who may not be whom she really appears to be.

This is one that I put off seeing in spite of having numerous opportunities to watch it over the years. I figured if you've seen one women-in-prison movie you've seen them all and that this one would not stand out at all. I was wrong. It stands out by being the very worst one in the genre.

That I elected to finally watch it was due to finally taking note of the cast list which suggested it was in fact well worth a look. Sadly the actors are badly let down by the crew here as well as the rest of the production team.

With the ever-present threat of violence from guards and inmates the last thing these poor women need is to be stalked by a creeping boom-mike but it is there getting closer and closer.

While Linda Blair will always be world famous for her role in the Exorcist she also starred in a very effective TV movie called Born Innocent about the horrors of reform school. Her use here is thus legacy casting as is that of Sybil Danning who appeared in numerous women-in-prison movies in her own career.

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