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Most Famous Julliard Graduates

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"Most Famous Julliard Graduates"
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The Juilliard school turned 100 years old in 2005. Its original founder, Frank Damrosch, was a godson of Franz Liszt who decided that the best of American musicians should not have had to travel to Europe in order to receive the best training. The school opened in 1905. In 1924, the Graduate school was established as a separate entity. The two schools merged in 1926, but did not become a fully integrated entity until 1946. Today, the school trains actors, musicians and dancers.

Since 1905, the following actors have become, if not household names, some of the most memorable character actors in our history. Many have gone on to become triple threats as Broadway, film and television stars. A few have won Oscars, Tony Awards, and other recognitions.

Bebe Neuwirth has won two Best Actress Tony Awards: For "Chicago" and "Sweet Charity". She won two emmys for her memorable work as Dr Lility Sternin-Crain on the television show "Cheers".

Robin Williams has won an Oscar, three Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild, and three Grammy awards.

Kevin Kline has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Kevin Spacey has won two Oscars, five Golden Globes, two Tonys and two Emmys.

At age 37, Jamie Foxx has an Oscar for his performance in "Ray" and is only the second actor in Oscar history to be nominated for two films in the same year, as he was nominated for his role in "Collateral". He is a Grammy Award winning musical artist and is on tour this year with his "Blame It" program.

Andre Braugher: Homicide,Life On The Streets/Frank Pembleton

Bebe Neuwirth: Cheers/Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crain

Bradley Whitford: The West Wing/Josh Lyman

Christopher Reeve: Monsignor, Death Trap, Superman, Somewhere In Time

David Odgen Stiers: M.A.S.H., Frazier

Elizabeth McGovern: Ordinary People, Ragtime, Once Upon A Time In America.

Eriq La Salle: ER/Dr Peter Benton

Jamie Foxx: Dreamgirls/Ray/ The Soloist

Ving Rhames:Pulp Fiction/Marsellus Wallace

William Hurt: The Big Chill/Gorky Park/ The Accidental Tourist

Val Kilmer: Top Gun/ Batman Forever/The Doors

Robin Williams: No Kidding. It would never all fit into this article.

Kevin Spacey: The Shipping News, Glengarry Glen Ross, Beyond the Sea/Bobby Darin

Kevin Kline: The Big Chill, Sophie's Choice, A Fish Called Wanda, Grand Canyon

Kelsey Grammer: Cheers/Frasier

Audra McDonald: 4 time Tony Winning Broadway Star.


Yo Yo Ma: Cellist

Wynton Marsalis: Trumpeter

Van Cliburn: Pianist

Stephanie Mills: Singer

Phillip Glass: Composer

Miles Davis: Jazz Trumpeter

Lew Soloff: Trumpeter

Lauri Singer: Cellist/actress

Leontyne Price: Soprano

Lenord Slatkin: Conductor


Elizabeth Berkeley: Ballet

Robert Garland: Dance Theater of Harlem

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