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Most Gorgeous Men in Hollywood

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"Most Gorgeous Men in Hollywood"
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Sexy is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. I've never been one to go with the more traditional definition of sexy. While I appreciate chiseled abs, bright baby blues and buns of steel this isn't my defining criteria. Sexiness for me is an "it" factor. Intelligence and personality for me is a must. Take for example Brad Pitt. He has a gorgeous physique and in every sense of the word is amazing to look at. Yet, I don't find him sexy at all. There is such a blandness about him that even looking at his chiseled good looks I find myself not intrigued.

Robert Downey Jr. is extremely sexy. His chocolate brown eyes can communicate a variety of emotions and he exudes a natural sensuality. For example, in the movie Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Albums he manages to draw you into his world only with his eyes. Even dressed as Chewbacca's cousin he still had that special something that makes you want to be around him. I've seen him do a variety of roles over the years and in all of them he makes you believe his experience. Another man who is sexy is John Cusack. With his dry humor, pale snowy skin and jet black hair he has always been a quirky, cerebral actor whose appeal lies in the fact that he always has something interesting to say. I don't know about the rest of you but if a guy can't make you feel anything on the screen, chances are good he can't make you feel anything in the bedroom either.

Cillian Murphy is another actor who is oddly sexy. When you catch him in photographs he looks a little bit feminine but he's all alpha male in 28 Days Later. The stand out feature for Cillian Murphy is his gorgeous blue eyes but even more alluring is comfort in his own skin. He could probably higher a trainer, completely bulk up and be a total hunk but he seems to be fine with who he is. Confidence is always sexy.

So is a little bit of humor. I love Paul Rudd and have always thought he was pretty cute since his early career role in Clueless. With his curly black hair and unique eyes he's definitely someone who seems to be more than just a pretty face. Patrick Dempsey is another man with curly hair who definitely has a lot of sex appeal. I thought he was cute all the way back when he played geeky Ronald Miller but it took awhile for the rest of the USA to catch up. Age has only improved his sophisticated, completely McDreamy good looks and he still has a little of that sentimental, nice guy qualites that made him so easy to love.

Yes, sexiness is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. These are the gorgeous man in Hollywood for me.

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