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The film shows not only Vincent's vulnerability but his strength'

Gattaca presents us with a superficial dilemma concerning the genetically configured aspects that surround each individual. In a place where superiority and perfection is revolutionized and flaws and imperfection are frowned upon, Gattaca's protagonist, Vincent Freeman, displays a human touch that reflects the true aspects of humanity and individualism. Where Vincent lacks the physical qualities required to be a valid., he makes up for it with an infallible surge of determination and strength that cannot be genetically engineered. The determination to defy the social rules of conformity demonstrated by Vincent symbolises the inner qualities of a human being that differentiates one human being from the other.

DNA in Gattaca represents the new order of discrimination that burdens the society and delineates the social classes from superior to God Childs'. At birth, Vincent is demarcated as an invalid and shunned from the privileges of normal society', leading him to question his existence when his "resume is in his cells". Vincent's stigmatic credentials as a human being limit him from even attending the local kindergarten as the statistics surrounding Vincent's health only cause legal headaches. Although DNA is accredited with being the sole indicator of potential in Gattaca thus a discriminating factor, it also represents the individuality that lies within the confines of Vincent's core structure. Vincent's DNA qualities constitute of inner traits that inspire the people around him. The weaknesses that lie within Vincent's make up are overshadowed by his everlasting dream' that even overwhelms the genetically perfect Jerome Morrow, "I lent you my body, you lent me your dream".

The difficulties that plague Vincent's eyesight signify the imperfect reality that surrounds him. However, in a metaphorical aspect, Vincent is blessed with sight and vision that others will never possess through genetic engineering. He sees his goals with crystal clarity and never strays from the road towards the achievement of these goals at any stage in the text. "I was never more certain of how far away I was from my goal when I was standing right beside it" is a perfect example of how, genetically, Vincent is not perfect, but mentally, is gifted with the foresight of what his true calling is. Even though he is faced with crossing the road without his contact lenses, Vincent displays an unhesitant approach to facing the adversity that lingers in his genes and by no means ever makes excuses for those shortcomings.

The chemistry between Irene and Vincent adds a tender side to a rigid sociological society. The ironic twist that enthralls the audience is the fact that both are God Childs' that are deceiving the world around them. The effect that the force of love has on Vincent almost derails his path towards Titan, "for so long you try to get off this planet but once you get your chance suddenly you find a reason to stay". Through confiding with Irene, Vincent skates on thin ice as his true identity is on the line every time he embraces Irene's body as "humans shed 500 million cells a day". Although we witness yet another vulnerable element in Vincent's make up, what it truly represents is the natural process of humanity and what it really means to be human. The process of falling in love and revealing limitations would not survive in the Gattaca society as new found companions can easily be sequenced' for flaws that might hinder perfection being maintained in a relationship. Vincent's strength is evident as he gives up his one true chance of love to pursue his lifelong dream of being an astronaut.

The emotionless environment in Gattaca provides a theoretically perfect society but lacks the imperfection to stimulate real' dreams for the individuals. The weaknesses and vulnerabilities that Vincent exhibits are a testament to his imperfections thus being delineated as an invalid. However, his imperfections are the driving force behind his dream of ascending into space as is true desire is to escape the barren and uncongenial society that seeks excellence rather than acceptance. Vincent defies every law of genetic engineering and reinforces the values of human nature and religion that promotes imperfection as the true perfection' in life.

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