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Muerte De Sergio Vega Sergio Vega El Shaka Murdered after Performance

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"Muerte De Sergio Vega Sergio Vega El Shaka Murdered after Performance"
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It is no longer a rumor.  Famed singer Sergio Vega “El Shaka” has been murdered. He was shot dead in what can only be described as a hit of sorts, when he was discovered shot upwards of thirty times in his red Cadillac in the town of Sinaloa.  His death comes as a great shock to his legion of fans, who had been enjoying his music while on the Pacific Tour he was currently on.  Had the famed singer though been given a precursor though of his impending demise?

Details of the attack are sketchy, but accounts have it that he was driving on U.S.- Mexico Highway 15. His red Cadillac had just made its way through the toll booth at San Miguel. Reports say that he had only gotten about 10 yards from the toll booth when shooters emerged and started to open fire into his vehicle.  In a strange bit of irony that leads many to believe this was a hit, an interpreter’s companion was injured in the hail of gunfire but survived the onslaught.

Here is where the story gets strange though.  It was not but a few hours earlier that Sergio Vega had to contradict stories that he had indeed been murdered. Imagine having to get up and tell people that you had not been murdered.  What must have been going through his head that such a report had even surfaced? You would have to imagine that something had to be in his mind thinking about it.  His own words to the local media even spell this out.  He was quoted as saying “Of course I walk with some trepidation all grupero, all the people who sailed in the northern and band music, and me navigate songs strong as the father of the devil, the two large figures, many corridos, any new place, yes feels and begins to think and is temorcito and should be entrusted to God.”

The death was confirmed by a businessman that had dealings with the Pacific Tour by the name of  Jesus Tirado Camacho.  What could have been the possible motive though?  Was this a case of a rival being jealous of the success of "El Shaka" and decided to take out their frustration?  Was it death by association?  That might seem to be a weird thing to say, but it is alleged that earlier that very day, one of the acts that was on the tour with Vega by the name of Grupero were threatened with harm by unknown forces.   Perhaps it was a group that wanted to be on the tour but was not deemed good enough.

There are not many other explanations.  Vega was not thought to have any type of bad connections or to be involved in anything of a drug related nature so it seems to cancel out the typical theories.  Was it a case of driving into a bad area and getting gunned down?  If so, then why not take out everyone in the car?  Yes, it would seem that Vega was targeted for whatever reason.   In the end though, no matter what the reason, the sad fact is that another talented musician is gone far too soon in a senseless violent act.  Hopefully someone will be brought to justice.

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