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Reality TV why i Hate it

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"Reality TV why i Hate it"
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Ah,reality TV.It is actually an example of what America is coming to.People watch reality TV so much that they are starting to act like the people on the shows, which is fake.I hate reality TV so much because even the title of the channel is fake.When someone says reality TV almost everyone know its fake.Its just a bunch of wanna-be actors or actresses thinking that they can make it big on a fake show.Most of the people that I know only watch the Reality TV shows because its funny to see how the people on the shows are wasting their time, and how fake they really are.I could almost swear that all of the shows on reality TV are scripted like the Flavor of love, or The rock of love.If they were really looking for love why would they turn to a TV show?People only go on the air to use you, there might occasionally be one person who is there for actual love, but they end up getting eliminated in the beginning because their too fat or not pretty enough.The stars on the shows talk about wanting true love and giving everybody a fair chance, then turning around and eliminating that ones with flaws because they didn't get plastic surgery on their boobs or face. It seems to me they only want the fake, beautiful one, and for that they are hypocrites.The people trying to find love almost always say that they want the fake girls or guys out, and off of the show but by the middle of the show all of the girls or boys left are only there for television purposes.I almost cannot even bear to watch the Flavor of Love anymore because,"flavor Flav" has been looking for love on his Reality show for about the Third time.He especially should know that looking for love or someone to spend time with on TV is a big mistake.Its a mistake because for the TV wanna Be's, they get to be on TV to get publicity,and for the person who wins they most likely are going to get money spent on them, and lots of it too.Reality TV is just a waste of a channel, it basicly promotes an unending list of horrible things that people are capable of doing.In conclusion Their is an enormous ammount of lacking self-respect and respect to others on reality TV and with out respect you will be a horrible example in life and someone who is nothing more that just a person and their purpose on this earth.

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