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Well, I do have to say that, anyone who has appeared on the Steve Wilkos show and suffered through his abuse may certainly have good grounds for a law suit. In fact, I think that any lawyers reading these posts should be contacting some of those abused by Steve Wilkos. What in the world qualifies this man to handle a show of this nature? I don't have to guess what his qualifications are. It is obvious by the way he speaks, his lack of control and his anger mismanagement, that he is totally unqualified to counsel people.

Just how do these people end up on the show? Do they have to sign contracts keeping them from slapping him down, threatening a law suit against them? When Steve Wilkos tells them to go ahead and hit him, don't you think that, in most cases they would if they could? I recall a guy by the name of Tyrone. He was a very large black man and was totally unintimidated by SW. SW lipped him off so bad that I was sure that Tyrone was going to hit him, and he didn't. You have to wonder why. I am not saying that I liked Tyrone. Nor did I like the way he treated his girlfriend but, what I liked less is the abuse that Steve Wilkos dealt out to him. Provoking Tyrone to hit him. But Tyrone called his bluff and Steve Wilkos became embarassed. This was the first time that anyone stood up to him and SW didn't know how to respond. It was total embarassment. So, what does SW do? Well, he can't leave it alone. He brings Tyrone back and challenges him again. This time he has rehearsed and was more composed. He had to show his audience that he could handle Tyrone but, by now the damage was done. Tyrone never backed down.

Do you know what bothers me most? Well, I have to wonder, why would Chicago police officers moonlight as stage apes for this guy. Who is going to respect these cops on the street when they know that they are associated with the Steve Wilkos show? Steve Wilkos appears to be uneducated, self absorbed, suffering from spontanious anger fits and seems to get turned on by his abuse of his guests. You only need to watch his expressions to see that he is aroused. I wonder how many tapings never air because someone lays him out on the carpet. Sometimes when his accused guests have had enough of SW's abuse they leave the stage. This angers SW because he misses the opportunity to yell "Get the hell offa my stage". So, what does he do? Well, he runs out behind them calling them losers, embarrases them into coming back out to finish the segment by accusing them of abandoning the other party on the stage. What the hell are the producers thinking when he loses control of the stage?

I would like to get the answers to a few questions. First, was he or was he not in the marines? Why was he discharged? Was he or was he not in the police force? Why was he discharged? As well, would he agree to a lie detector test relating to his past? Ask him questions like: do you know the results of the lie detector tests before approaching the guests.... you know that he does. No one in his right mind would dare to say the things he does without covering his ass against law suits. Another question... do you pay the guests to be abused by yourself? or.... do you use your stage apes to intimidate your guests?

Another thing I would like to mention is, when any of his guests start to sound like they may be gaining ground and sounding like they may be legitimate, then he starts talking over them loudly trying to cover up their responses. Like he doesn't want his audience to hear the person's response. For him to ask people to stand rather than sit on the stage is clearly a control issue and most definitely a "guilty until proven innocent" tactic. As well, when his guest is sitting in a chair and he sits down as well, he never sits facing his guest. He always sits at the persons side more than 90 degrees. this is another control issue. Throwing chairs around the stage is totally an anger management issue. I would hate to be a family member in that household when he starts throwing chairs around the kitchen.

Anyhow.... I could go on for hours. The last thing I want to say is.... Steve..... Get the hell off of my TV!

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