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The Death of Tupac Shakur and his Influence on Hip Hop Music

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"The Death of Tupac Shakur and his Influence on Hip Hop Music"
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How Tupac Shakur influenced hip hop before and after his death. When I was about 8 years old I first heard Tupac and gangsta rap. i believe that the influence he had on me was not a good one I never believed in the gangsta philosophies of these people until I was about 17-18. Tupac never got much play in my cd player until I was actually old enough to understand what was going on in the world. After I heard him for the first time after my enlightenment the influence changed from a bad one to a good one. I realized how smart the man really was and how much he really cared about the African American community. Gangsta rap like tupac and snoop dog never had a really good influence until the deaths started happening. I believe Tupacs death definitely made him a larger than life figure in hip hop. The black John Lennon or Curt Cobain. In essence he was the same as those men telling his people to become real men and stand up for your beliefs. Some say he was a visionary but I disagree he was just an angry person trying to change things going on in the world. Also he was a poet and actor and not many people knew about his history as a poem writer and actor until the movie tupac resurrection was aired. I believe that tupac had the hugest influence in hip hop after his death a very sad day indeed when I saw it on the news I couldn't help but feel bad for his family and friends although i wasn't to much of a fan at the time. Shortly after his death hip hop kind of went through a phase where everybody was about the art and beauty of the music DMX, Ja Rule, Royal Flush, Mic Geronimo, alot of these gangsta rap artists were making more of a melodic sound trying to reach a bigger fan base primarily the white community. The number of white people listening to hip hop skyrocketed after the two biggest deaths in hip hip history. I believe tupacs influence on hip hop made more people appreciate it as an art and not just a subculture of gangsters. They realized that these were people just like them living in horrible conditions and trying to speak out on those conditions. Tupac was arguably a two sided person songs like keep ya head up, baby don't cry, then he goes to Thug Style, and Hellrazor. Part of him wanted to influence and change lives and the other wanted to sell records and boast gangsta lifestyle. So if anything Tupac influenced just about every single person that I know even my parents and grandparents know who he is. His influence on music was like WWII's influence on the world he affected not just hip hop but the lives of millions. I don't think that he was the best emcee in my opinion he could barely freestyle it was his art his words and his tears that influenced hip hop the gangsta lifestyle is just a trend that young people go through to try to rebel. Kind of like greasers in the 50's we have gangsta's in the 90's. Many people also try to copy tupac or fill his shoes for example Ja Rule, DMX, and there's are many more that rap like he did and sold millions or records. So if he had any influence it was that everyone in the rap game wants to be him and pretend they are in some kind of war with hip hop being the vessel against the evil government. People need to think about how music in hip hop changed after his death and listen to how it went from dark gangsta (before death) and after death it went to a more melodic poppy type sound analyzing the world and the ghetto more than it ever has. So I believe Tupac completely changed hip hop not just influenced it.

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