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The Death of Tupac Shakur and his Influence on Hip Hop Music

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"The Death of Tupac Shakur and his Influence on Hip Hop Music"
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Tupac Shakur, a poet,ghetto king,black activist and the greatest rap star that ever lived was shot on September 7,1996.He lived through the shooting and died six days later.Though some people claimed he personified violence,but I think he exhibited strong traits of literary acumen and love for his black community.This endeared him to millions of black people in America and the World over.
He was born in New York but when his mother lost her job,the family had to move to California where he enrolled in Baltimore School for the Arts.Against all odds,Tupac rose to the pinnacle of his music career.As a young black man,he was determined to shame the white employers who would not offer employments to blacks even if they were the most qualified for the jobs.He vowed that as a rapper,he would show the graphic details of what he saw in his community-the oppression,killing,poverty and joblessness. Believing that the government would address them.He was good to his dreams,but, ironically,as his music came on stream on the Music television {MTV},he was getting beaten up by the police on 21,Broadway street,California,for having the effrontery to counsel crooked cops .
In the lyrics of "Trapped" in his first album -2PACALYPSE Now,he rapped about Police brutality ,harassment and killings of blacks.He was only speaking on the experiences of his black colleagues, but incidentally,it happened to him .He had a first class feel of what he rapped about in his album after its released.
Tupac was at his poetic best in the lyrics of "Brenda's got a baby" ,another track in the album 2pacalypse Now.In the track,he narrated the story of a young black girl who got hooked up with prostitution ,detailing how the chain effect of poverty in black community influenced are life-style.
In his music,Tupac fearlessly expressed the injustice being meted out to blacks.Because of this and his mother's ties to the black panther,the FBI was always after him and his family.
When asked about his lifestyle that seemed to depict thuglife,he retorted, "You can't live in hell and try to act like an angel," He said that if the government wanted the best out of blacks,they have to show the black people respect and judge them not by their colour but by their character.
Also,he said that heaven might have sent a black American president,wondering if America was ready to have a black president.When he was accused of calling women bad names like bitch,slut,whore and the likes,he released an album titled Keep ya head up' ,which he dedicated to he strong black women.
Tupac was named after an Indian Inca chief. "Tupac Amaru" means "shining serpent" and Shakur means "thankful to God" in Arabic.
Tupac was a legend.Even in death,he has been touching a lot of people with his lyrics,he had several unreleased records and albums,and that's why year-in-year-out,the world hears about him.Tupac had a dream to rid the getto of violence,to stop injustice against blacks and to spark the flame that would change the world,but he was killed by yet unknown assailants hours after the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldom fight in Las Vegas 11 years ago.
The motive was to silence him like they did to Steve Biko,Martin Luther King Junior,Walter Rodney and many more but his music lives on:Tupac lived a 70-year odl life in just 25 years.
Today,quite a number of schools or arts and universities spread across the globe study Tupac's poetry as a course.He is still an inspiration to millions of black people around the world.As the black community in America stands still for another year remembrance,his fight against oppression,racism,police brutality and poverty lives on.

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