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The Importance of Music in our Lives

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"The Importance of Music in our Lives"
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Music is a very colorful thread woven into the entire fabric of our lives. Soon after birth we hear our first melodies as our mothers hum soothing lullabies to help us sleep. We learn nursery rhymes that are designed to both entertain and educate us in our preschool years, which help build the framework for the social and language skills we need to function in society.

We're taught music in school, and some of us participate in the school marching band, orchestra, or theater. We sing church hymns to help build our spiritual being, and patriotic songs to give us a sense of national identity. In every step of our lives music places another brick on the foundation of who we are.

Music helps each one of us find our unique social niche, bringing us together with other folks that share similar interests. It documents the history of social and cultural changes in society, and is always in a state of perpetual evolution, combining new ideas with older ones to create a sound that's unique to each generation. Familiar songs help us recall special moments in our lives, such as our first love, or maybe our first kiss.

Music of all genres in television, radio, film and the Internet have become an indispensable commodity. With the increasing popularity of websites like MySpace Music, more music is available to us now than ever before. Our appetite for new music is insatiable, and many of us have enormous libraries of music at our fingertips to suit whatever mood we may in in at the time. Digital music players and cell phones store hundreds of our favorite songs to carry wherever we go, and many popular songs are used in video games like "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band". Music is used to sell everything from beer to burgers.

As a professional musician, composer and songwriter, music is my life. My dream has always been to write songs that will move people and hopefully make a difference in their lives. I can't even imagine a world without music!

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