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Transformer Star Tyrese Gibson Involved in Car Crash

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"Transformer Star Tyrese Gibson Involved in Car Crash"
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On Monday, January 4, 2010 actor, singer, model Tyrese Gibson was involved in a major car crash in Miami, Florida. The R&B singer, model and star of the hit movies, 2Fast 2Furious, Transformer and Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen was unhurt in the crash. The other driver described as a female (mother of five) was also not injured in the crash, although the SUV which she was driving was completely destroyed as it flipped over. The car in which Tyrese was driving sustained major damage to the front as well.

Tyrese whom I have religiously followed on Twitter since he first joined less than a year ago, now has over one million followers. He recently posted a tweet about his accident as he states “It’s arrogant to believe the next 2nd belongs 2 you “I was just in a major car accident, the other truck overturned, we’re both ok”. In his second post he tweets “We’re both ok. We prayed together just kept thanking God that we’re still here and the cars accident and damage didn’t matter. We prayed”.  

Tyrese who has taken to bringing religious and inspirational messages to his followers and fans tweets often about being blessed. He talks openly about his pastor and church in California and I know that his recent brush with potential tragedy will only strengthen his faith. He motivates his followers to adhere to the same principles that he believes and tries to live by. Those principles entail a deep belief and love for oneself and others as well as having a strong spiritual awareness.

Tyrese himself also states that he is far from being perfect and continues to make mistakes, and that he is still learning from his mistakes. He does not try to cram any philosophy down your throat although his intellectual and wise thinking is beyond his years. He has also not shied away from the fact that God protected and shielded him and the other driver from any major injuries. He feels blessed and lucky.

In his final post about the accident he tweets “Mother of five left without 1 scratch and we ended up hangin’ at the spa for a massage”. I think that shows some real gratitude! How cool is that?

 It has yet to be determined who was at fault in the accident and no charges has been filed as of yet.

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