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Mork and Mindy was a popular sitcom that appeared on the ABC network from 1978 to 1982. The basic idea of the show is that an alien from the planet Ork is a visitor to Earth. The alien (Mork) is played by famed actor Robin Williams. Co-star Pam Dawber played Mindy McConnell. Mork and Mindy are roomates and friends. One interesting fact about this show that many people do not know is that Mork and Mindy is actually a spinoff of the successful show Happy Days. The alien (Mork) was first introduced during the fifth season of Happy Days. The episode titled “My Favorite Orkan” is the episode of Happy Days in which Mork decides he should take the character “Richie Cunningham” back to his home planet Ork.

The show Mork and Mindy is set in Boulder Colorado during the present  time (1978). Mork travels to Earth in an egg-shaped spacecraft. Mork’s mission assigned to him by his leader Orson is to study human behavior and report what he finds.

Mindy and Mork meet one night when Mindy is left stranded. Mindy, who is 21 years old, has just had a horrible fight with her boyfriend. Mork offers her help and Mindy mistakenly assumes that Mork is a priest. Mindy loves the fact that Mork actually listens to her. She soon realizes that Mork is not a priest. Mork does not know how to lie, so he tells Mindy innocently that he is an alien. Mindy vow to keep his secret.

Soon they are living together as roommates and Mindy’s father does not like this setup at all. Mindy’s grandmother is less judgmental. During every episode, Mork learns more about living life on Earth and the viewing public learns more about Mork. Mindy helps Mork to learn and adjust to human life. The ending of every show has Mork reporting to Orson about the details that he has learned. The last episode had Mork and Mindy getting married.

This show was a smash hit during the first season. Mork’s famous saying”Na Nu Na Nu” soon became a pop culture saying. Mork and Mindy, launched the career of comedian Robin Williams. The director Jerry Paris created the character of Mork after watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. One of the weirdest parts of the show is when Mork lays an egg and an older Jonathon Winters hatches from the egg, because the idea is that Orkans age backwards. The show canceled after four seasons. Mork and Mindy consisted of a total of 95 episodes.

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