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When Parents Bring Underaged Children to Inappropriate Movies

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"When Parents Bring Underaged Children to Inappropriate Movies"
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Never mind inappropriate movies, how about movies in general? I mean, come on, I paid a babysitter big bucks so I could get away from mine just so I could sit in front of yours? The constant noise, talking, up to get popcorn, up to get soda, up to go pee, and then kick, kick, kick the back of my seat.

AND if the movie is NOT a kids flick, and they really shouldn't be there but mom and dad want to teach the little ones how to (not) behave in public, well all I can say is, why not take them to church instead? Talk about practice with sitting quiet, or still, or not getting up every freaking 5 seconds. They can still kick the back of the pew, or draw in the hymnals I suppose.

AND who are they kidding anyway? We all know they only brought the kids out because THEY needed the break and thought, at the time, a movie was a good idea. I mean, a good chick flick will put me to sleep in no time, so I suppose the kids should drop off to la la land any minute now. BUT no, they wine, they cry, they sing cute little kid songs from every Disney picture ever shown. (except that really old one "Songs of the South", which isn't shown anymore)

AND if the kids are really upset about having to watch some boring love scene (critics already) or finally come to realize there isn't going to be a cartoon anytime soon, the parents give up and, no, don't go home, of course not, they just let them run around the theater as if it were outdoors.

Hey, why didn't they take them to the drive-in? I remember going as a kid with my brothers, and sister and cousins and friends, all in our pajamas. Heck, they even had a playground up front, under the huge screen, with swings and a see-saw, or slide, and that spinning thing that brought up all the snacks you ate, or better yet caused your soda to come out your nose. We were all asleep before the dancing popcorn and candy came on the screen. Why don't they have drive-ins anymore?

AND we all wonder, what happened to the age of innocence? Parenting isn't what it used to be. Some is better, some not. TV was my babysitter. But if I caused a fuss then the only one who would care was my brother and he was smaller then me, so I don't remember him complaining too much. When we went to the movies there wasn't so much inappropriate material, and besides, mom or dad usually took us when the outing WAS for us, so it was always family fun. (oh, and we went during the matinee, not the 10 PM showing. (it was cheaper then too)

So I guess the issue isn't the topic of the movies but whether parents are involved enough with their kids to be a part of what they are doing. Not all the time but certainly enough time to know the kids, what's best for them and to have an honest interest in what's best for the kids, not themselves. All parents need to get out, to have a break from the dull routine of life but if sitting through a kids movie with your family isn't what you had in mind, find a sitter. Do everyone a favor, including yourself and either do a family focused event, or leave the family home.

Better yet, rent a movie, microwave some popcorn, put on your pajamas, and stay home.

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